We can help with Pre & Post Operative Care

Pre & Post Operative Care | Adaptive Physiotherapy

Are you awaiting joint replacement or reconstructive surgery? Are you concerned about the pain and recovery process? Let our therapists guide your journey during this challenging and often stressful time. Post operative rehabilitation is a vital component to the success of your surgery.

Post surgical care helps manage the pain, swelling and inflammation that is often present in the initial stages of the recovery process.

We can help using the following strategies:

  • Soft tissue massage or dry needling
  • Strapping or dynamic taping
  • Swelling management and compression therapy
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Education on self management strategies

Restoration of joint range of motion and gradual joint loading is slowly integrated according to general rehabilitation principles. We ensure our rehabilitation plan is supported by your surgeon and have a collaborative approach to your care.

Return to sport, work and other lifestyle activities are based on your ability to achieve physical milestones so that we are confident you have developed the control and strength required to progress to the next phase. This ensures you are not pushed too far too fast leading to an optimal and successful outcome.

We believe in ensuring that you are treated like an elite athlete even if you’re not getting paid like one.

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